Guest Information

When: Thanksgiving Weekend. October 12,13,14, 2019

deadline for applications is March 31, 2019

download application form here

Each year we invite applications from makers of all artistic disciplines interested in becoming guests in our studios. Traditional or contemporary media and approaches are equally appealing. We jury applicants based on the following criteria: craftsmanship/quality, suitability to studio spaces available, and variety in relation to other work on the tour.

Guest spaces are limited and the appropriate location will be decided during the jury process and confirmed with each guest. Most spaces are indoors and require the artist to bring their own displays, lights etc. Outdoor spaces (i.e. in gardens) are also available, though outdoor artists must be prepared for inclement weather.

How are your fees spent?

We are a non profit, volunteer run organization. Most of our artists’ fees (both guest and member artists) go towards the costs of advertising the tour - radio, print, social media and our website. We also print and distribute 12,000 copies of our fine brochure to a large number of venues in eastern Ontario, Kingston and Ottawa, in the three months leading up to the tour.