2019 studios

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studio 1 - dunn sohn & guests. 452 armstrong line

Dunn Sohn (Member). Furniture & turned wood

Wouter van der Molen (Guest). Jewellery

Jill Spear. (Guest). Metal embossing

Heather Sherratt (Guest). Weaving

Tania Marsh (New Guest). Photography

studio 2 - Susie osler & guests. 2501 old brooke rd.

Susie Osler (Member). Ceramics & drawings

Scott Dobson (Guest). Fencing & garden elements/sculpture

Willa Murray (Guest). Leatherwork & custom shoes

Meredith Combs (New Guest). Textiles

Bridget O’Flaherty (Guest). Eco textile art

Jason Wickware (Emerging Artist). Painting

studio 3 - Catherine orfald & guests. 1848 Old brooke rd.

Catherine Orfald. (Member). Paintings

Rebecca Hodgins (Emerging Artist). Textiles

Sprague Woodturning (Guest Artist). Turned wood

Steve Boyd (Guest Artist). Stained glass

Karen Bernard (Emerging Artist). Paper art

studio 4 - Anne Chambers & guests. 1155 Brooke valley rd.

Anne Chambers (Member). Ceramics

Shelley Ball (Guest). Photograpahy

Dagmar Sagat (Guest). Textiles

Meagan Britnell (Emerging Artist). Jewellery

John Schweighardt (Guest). Stone sculpture

studio 5 - zoë lianga & guests. 590 brooke valley rd.

Zoë Lianga (Member). Felted objects and accessories

Kaajuk Kablalik (New Guest). Jewellery

Sarah Wright (Emerging Artist). Hand poke tattoos & drawings

studio 6 - rita redner & guests. 549 brooke valley rd.

Rita Redner (Member). Ceramics (salt fired porcelain and stoneware)

Sebastien Bacharach (Guest Artist). Handcrafted Islamic geometry & marquetry

Richard Hutton (New Guest). Paintings

studio 7 - franc van oort & guests. 2172 Upper 4th concession

Franc van Oort (Member). Etchings & paintings

Ellen Fraser (Guest Artist). Jewellery

Gary Barr (Guest Artist). Paintings

studio 8 - brent kirkham & guests. 2486 christie Lake Rd.

Brent Kirkham. (Member). Handcrafted cedar strip boats

Paulus Tjiang (Guest Artist). Blown glass

Evan Taylor (Guest Artist). Silver spoon jewellery

Ludwig Ratzinger (Guest Artist). Fine chocolate