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These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #4
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Rita Redner

TeapotMy introduction to salt glazing began as a student at Sheridan College School of Design in the early 1970's. This firing method attracted me because of the end results on the fired surface as well as the excitement of this particular firing process. The results from this firing method seemed both magical and somewhat unpredictable. However, after firing a salt kiln for over 25 years I have learned some of the quirks presented by salt firing, and now expect a range of results from any given kiln load of work. Of course, there is still that excitement when cracking the door to catch the first glimpse of the firing!

I work in both stoneware and porcelain, firing to both cone 6 and cone 10. I use a mixture of sodium chloride and borax (sodium tetraborate) when 'salting' towards the end of the firing process.

Form, colour and texture are the defining features of my work. Most of my pottery is thrown on the wheel. After throwing, a piece is often altered and sometimes re-assembled; these pieces are often oval. Slow changes over time would best describe the progress of my work

I work alone in a beautiful rural studio built by my husband Tom, 10 km west of the town of Perth.

613 267 5202

Michelle Shook

Oil Painting

Birch TripychMichelle Shook grew up in the Perth area amidst talented arts and crafts people that mentored her and inspired her to pursue a career in the arts.  She is currently a Toronto-based oil painter and ceramic artist, and her work can be found in private collections across North America and in Germany and Japan.  Shook’s paintings are also featured in several public spaces including Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and the Toronto Hydro building.

“My goal as an artist is to try and touch people with the beauty I see every day in the world around me,” she says. Whether it is a single flower, a solo bird or a vast landscape, Michelle infuses each painting with vibrant colours. Shook has traveled, lived and worked in such diverse locales as Haiti, Guatemala, Guyana and Canada’s Maritimes.  Her latest work explores pockets of natural beauty in Toronto’s city scape, as well as landscapes in rural areas around Southern Ontario. “Whether it is a stand of birch trees on Toronto Island or a hydro line reflected in the Humber River at sunset, I find endless moments of beauty and grace in our urban landscape.”

SpokesMichelle Shook studied Fine Art and International Development at the University of Guelph. Her art career took off almost immediately upon graduating in 1998 with a large 7-painting public commission from her thesis show. This kicked off an incredibly productive decade resulting in Shook mounting several solo shows a year. Throughout this period, she also taught painting, drawing and held ‘art-as-therapy’ workshops for people with special needs, psychiatric survivors and dialysis patients. This work allowed her to combine her love of making art, with her passion for teaching and community building.

While continuing to do private commissions Shook paused from participating in public exhibitions while her three children were preschoolers. “I never stopped painting while they were young, but stepping back from it a bit in order to dive fully into being a mother, has deeply affected my current work and perspective,” she says.

Shook embraces social media and posts regularly.  She keeps her followers engaged with interesting projects like her 30 Day Challenge, painting 30 paintings in 30 days. Sometimes she holds contests asking her followers to guess the theme of the painting she is working on and rewards the winners with her art cards. She also shows paintings in progress, and glimpses of how she hangs a gallery show.

Shook is excited to return to regular exhibitions and this will be her sixth year on the Perth Autumn Studio Tour as a guest artist.  She always enjoys returning home to be a guest on this wonderful tour!

For more information, visit www.michelleshook.com or follow her @michelleshookpainter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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