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These are the participants in this year's Perth Autumn Studio Tour at Studio Location #2
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Susie Osler

Susie OslerSince 2002 I have lived on a farm in eastern Ontario. The gift of this space offers me the ability to revel slowly in the natural world and develop a certain intimacy with it. Worlds open up with time spent engaged in looking and sensing. This feeds my creative life and work. The objects humans make in response to nature interests me. I am increasingly interested in exploring the ways that my work can embody this connection to land/place and translate the powerful energy that wild land has on the psyche. My recent work has been stripped of both fecund textures and abundant colour – something that, for many years, my work has been recognized for. Now instead of being constructed, objects are created by stripping away excess to reveal the form – much like wind and water work on stone and wood over time.  Carved clay objects emerge which are reminiscent of bone, relics and essential structures.  Surfaces are methodically sanded to create a smooth, burnished surface that is beautiful to hold.

WishboneI work primarily with clay (Cone 6 porcelain and stoneware). Clay is both deliciously visceral to work with and technically demanding which can make life as a ceramic artist interesting if not uncertain at times.  Sometimes I will integrate other materials. I make objects whose purpose may be to interact with, to contemplate, to observe, or to touch.  Pleasure, intimacy, exploration, reflection, reverence and delight are responses I hope to provoke.
I graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts from Emily Carr University in 1999.  In addition to my studio practise, for the past 10 years I have also coordinated Fieldwork – an ongoing public art project located across the road from my studio which aims to connect people creatively to the land.


Willa Murray
Quality leather goods

Willa at workFor as long as I can remember, I've been sewing or making something out of wood. Discovering industrial walking foot sewing machines after I graduated from Algonquin College (Heritage Carpentry) in 2008, struck the perfect balance between woodworking and domestic sewing.

What began as a one- year experiment in a small business making bags of recycled materials in Toronto as an owner and maker at Mariclaro quickly turned into an 8-year journey and life passion. Even after working with leather all these years, the beautiful material continues to inspire me. The leather I am particularly proud to offer are hides of moose and deer hunted in Ontario by subsistence hunters.

Willa MurrayIn 2014, I started to learn the art of shoe making, an art that offers limitless opportunities for growth. Recently, I have gone back to my carpentry roots to make tool rolls for carpenters and masons while rebuilding my timber frame home in Maberly, Ontario.

Sharing the passion I have for leatherwork through teaching classes and workshops has brought me great pleasure in recent years.

My work reflects my desire for high quality, beautiful and functional pieces that can be used every day and that speak to ecological and social sustainability. Whether these items are chisel rolls, aprons, belts, shoes, or housewares, they offer an alternative to a disposable culture.

Email: willamurray.design@gmail.com
Website: www.willamurraydesign.com
Instagram: @willamurray.design 
Facebook: willamurray.design 
Etsy: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/willamurray

Zoe Lianga
Felt Maker & Designer

Zoe LiangaZoe creates truly unique pieces by incorporating luxury wools with recycled silk and lace. She recently discovered felting while on a trip to New Zealand, where she learned from various artists over the year she spent cycling all over the country. Her work ranges from wearable art, and functional garments, to accessories and home decor. Having a background in fashion design has given her a foundation to build her art into something practical yet creative. The natural merino and alpaca wools she uses are beautiful against the skin, and the designs very sophisticated. Her love for colour, texture, and patterns appear through her use of recycled silks and lace, as well as various plant based dyes. However, much of her work leaves true the natural colour of the animals' fleece. No two pieces can be made alike and every new project brings a fresh sense of excitement. It is a very organic and rewarding process, turning raw wool fibres into pieces of art.


613 464 2105

Gary Barr
Watercolour Painter

After The SunshowerGary is a nature lover and enjoys inspiring visits to “the cabin” in the beautiful Lanark Highlands. Painting/sketching/photography trips also provide an abundance of subject matter. Many of the resulting paintings have been reproduced in a series of giclée prints.

He currently paints in watercolours. He has exhibited in galleries from Toronto to Ottawa and currently shows his work in several galleries, outdoor art shows, studio tours and homeshows. His paintings hang in corporate and personal collections around the world including the U.S., England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Cambodia.

It has been said Gary’s paintings remind you of experiences that left you marveling at the wonders of nature. His heritage paintings of charming stone houses, old buildings and rural situations seem to convince that life was more fulfilling “back then”. His wildlife paintings stir feelings that those with a special connection to nature experience.


email: garybarr1@hotmail.com

Scott Dobson
Garden Elements

Wooden WhimsyFor over a decade Scott Dobson has been creating much sought after and very unique fencing as well as functional and sculptural garden elements that blend Lanark local history and a sense of the vernacular with free spirited form, natural beauty and an eye for the unusual. He is one of a dwindling number of master fence builders in Lanark County and specializes in reproducing historical fencing styles using century old cedar rail and local stone.

email: scottdobson@live.com
613 284 2171


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